Multi-Function Vegetable Cutting Swift Chopper

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  • White color
  • no electric power required
  • Improvement product from other vegetable chopper before
  • Size : 20x20x18 cm

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Makes food preperation fun and easy Easy to use,wash and store

Color: White

Material: Plastic, Stainless steel blade

Size: As the picture show below

Functions: Chops vegetables, Mix and make pastries, Crushes ice

Cleaning method:
1.finished using the machine, soft wool brush available from the tap brush edge residual, please do not use the hand to touch steel part
2.keep steel leaf drying, not the knife blade long-term immersion in water
3.carrot vegetable & fruit easy plastic products dyeing, use of the kitchen and bleaching liquid dilution soaking treatment clean and sterilization function high temperature steam sterilization


Package Content

1x Main Body
1x Dryer Basket
1x Top Cabinet
1x Handle
1x Egg Beater
1x Chopping blade
1x egg Separator
1x Main Body Handle

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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